The Wellness Monitor – Keeps Track Of Your Day To Day Sleep And Movement Cycles

The Wellness Monitor

The Wellness Monitor is a health gadget that automatically keeps track of all your day to day sleep and movement cycles to help you decide if you’re getting sufficient workout and sleep. The Wellness Monitor comes with a built-in accelerometer that perfectly monitors the intensity and duration of steps taken and how many distance you’ve already pass through. This health gadget will also provide you of how much calories you’ve already burned because it also comes with a calorie calculator so you can also monitor even during those activities that don’t require some walking.

The Wellness Monitor also features a unique sensor for keeping track of tiny vibrations on your wrists when you sleep so you’ll be able to know how much time you fall asleep and the time you awake. The Wellness Monitor is small enough that you can clip it right into your belt or pocket and it also comes with a windows and mac software for uploading information to its manufacturer’s website for additional readings. This health gadget operates for 10 days in just 1 and ½ hour of charging.

[$99.95 at hammacher]

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