The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad – Helps improve circulation, relieves stiffness and gets rid of sore muscles effectively

The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad [SOURCE] is designed to help you get rid of your sore muscles, relieves stiffness and even increase circulation simply by wearing the heating pad and wrapping it comfortably around your lower back, shoulders and even your legs of course without worrying about electrical cords because this wearable heated lumbar pad uses heating elements like gel packs so you can move freely and do your day to day activities without being tethered into a power source.

The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad

The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad

The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad wraps around comfortably while its included detachable gel pack that can be warmed first using the pad’s heating element so you can disconnect the power cord after giving you freedom to move around freely.

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The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad 2

Perfect for someone who is suffering from sore muscles or to someone who wants of get rid of their stiffness problem or even relieving swollen joints, the Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad is just perfect for relieving body pain.

The Wearable Heated Lumbar Pad 3

This wearable heating pad already comes with a 70 inches long strap partnered with a hook and loop fasteners for that perfect fit and optimal comfort while its uniquely designed power cord allows the owner to easily access up to 5 different heat settings.

This lumbar pad shuts off automatically and only weighs 2lbs.

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