The Vibroacoustic Relaxation Lounger – Helps Blood Flow All Over The Body To Increase Relaxation

The Vibroacoustic Relaxation Lounger —[SOURCE]— helps increase relaxation up to 33% and reduces weakness and worries up to 54% using vibroacoustic therapy.

The Lounger already comes with a CD and MP3 player so you can play relaxation music plus it also comes with a black-out glass to prevent visual interruptions.


The Vibroacoustic Relaxation Lounger

This Relaxation Lounger is filled with 9″ flexible foam that matches to your body’s shapes therefore reducing stress points and offering healing support.

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The Vibroacoustic Relaxation Lounger’s headrest stretch out up to 30 degrees with legs that elevate up to 12” so you can also lift up both feet on top of your heart. The Relaxation Lounger is proficient in helping blood flow all over the body and includes 3 CD of relaxation music.

[$1,950.00 at hammacher]

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