The Ultrasonic Misting Exfoliator – gently exfoliate to loosen dead cells, extract oil, makeup, and other impurities from pores

The Ultrasonic Misting Exfoliator is a uniquely designed facial cleanser equipped with ultrasonic vibration so it can exfoliate gently in order to get rid of any facial impurities without any problem.

Unlike other facial cleansers out there, this exfoliator is perfect because it already comes with a spray mist feature so owners partnered with vibration function so owners can easily loosen any dead cells, extract oil, get rid of any makeup and even other facial impurities from the user’s pores.

Ultrasonic Misting Exfoliator

This model is very easy to use and safe enough where owners can use it daily even on any type of skin, it even allows the owner to use the exfoliator with their favorite skin serums or facial creams without any problem.

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Ultrasonic Misting Exfoliator1

The Ultrasonic Misting Exfoliator already includes 3 vibration functions and can hold up to 2fl oz of mist and best of all, it already comes with coffee and vanilla mist and only weighs 5oz.

You can buy the facial cleanser for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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