The Twisting Core Toner – tones core, hip and quad muscles effectively

You want to tone your hip, quad and core muscles? Try this low-impact core toner trainer, a uniquely designed core strengthening device that is very easy to use yet effective enough to help you experience the best exercise at home.

This low impact trainer is unique than those ordinary balance boards and other stationary models out there simply because owners will just easily stand on the toner’s platform, hold at the handle and start twisting.

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Twisting Core Toner

Twisting Core Toner

Besides encouraging the owner to strengthen their core muscles, this core toner also provides a perfect soft handle grip, unique foot plates that are non slippery and unique stability so even while you enjoy the twisting exercises, you’ll also enjoy the security features added on the twisting toner.

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Twisting Core Toner 1

This Core Exercise Trainer uses steel frame capable of supporting users up to 330lbs and already comes with an LCD screen display where owners can see clearly the reps, time and calories made and best of all, it has an adjustable height adjustments and already includes a DVD workout and exercise chart guides.

You can buy the low impact trainer for $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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