The Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever – uses air pressure traction, heat, and electrical muscle stimulation to ease neck and shoulder pain

The Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever (currently taking orders here) is unique because it is capable of easing neck and shoulder pain using air pressure, heat and EMS, a perfect combination for getting rid of the pain you are having on your neck and shoulder anytime at home.

This neck pain reliever device has an air traction system that works effectively with the owner’s own body weight just to tighten the neck muscles and at the same time its included 3 different heat settings will help the owner get that perfect blood flow perfect for loosening knots and also get that soothing relief every time.

Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever

This triple therapy for neck and shoulder even makes use of EMS therapy designed to help engage perfect muscle contractions and to help hasten the strengthening and rehab.

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Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever1

The Triple Therapy Neck Pain Reliever already includes 3 different functions where it can be operated by the owner independently or simultaneously using its included remote control and best of all, it has a 15min automatic shutoff function for additional security.

You can buy the neck and shoulder pain reliever for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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