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The Traveler’s Sinus Relief Irrigator – A portable nasal irrigator that flushes nasal passages, help clear bacteria, relieve congestion and improve breathing

The Traveler’s Sinus Relief Irrigator is a portable and rechargeable nasal irrigator device capable of flushing out nasal passages to get rid of bacteria, improves breathing and help clear nasal congestion.

The Traveler's Sinus Relief Irrigator

The Traveler’s Sinus Relief Irrigator

This sinus relief irrigator only weighs 12oz and is small enough that it fits nicely in a carry on so that you can always get rid of nasal dryness and other sinus pain that usually plague traveling geeks specially when venturing to different places with different climates.

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The Traveler's Sinus Relief Irrigator 1

This rechargeable nasal irrigator works simply by filling the reservoir with water, selecting desired settings like gentle, normal or even pulsating settings. This portable and motorized sinus pain relief device is perfect for releasing and rinsing away nasal bacteria and blockages anytime anywhere.

The Traveler's Sinus Relief Irrigator 2

More convenient than any other sinus relief device because owners can easily hold their head upright for that comfortable and easy treatment sessions every time plus it is very easy to clean and when fully charged using the included charger, this device can provide a full week of treatment.

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