The Tranquility Pod – Relaxes tired mind, body and spirit using relaxing sound, light and gentle vibration

Tired? You want to relax your mind, body and spirit uniquely using some relaxing sound, light and gentle vibration? Try the Tranquility Pod [SOURCE], a mind calming and body relaxing fiberglass pod handcrafted carefully in order to form a restful and effective relaxation time at home specially after that long hours of very tiring work.

The Tranquility Pod

The Tranquility Pod

The Tranquility Pod is built with smooth and shiny gel surface to effectively block outside noise, it even comes with a specially designed speaker system so you can play your favorite relaxing music via your ipod, iphone or other smart phones, thanks to the system’s subwoofer where it can perfectly generate a nice and gentle vibration right through the bed while its unique pulse sensor partnered with easy to control LED lights makes your mind relax easily.

The Tranquility Pod 2

This tranquility pod also comes with a memory foam cushion and 2 pillows while its temperature controlled waterbed is just enough to put your mind, body and soul back into its working condition.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].

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