The Touch-less Hand Dryer – Now you can stop spreading germs or lessen cross-contamination in a kitchen or bathroom

The Touch-less Hand Dryer —[SOURCE]— is not just unique when it comes to lessening cross-contamination in a kitchen or even spreading germs in a bathroom but at the same time your perfect hand dryer because it is automatic.

This hand dryer can be set anywhere, on a counter or can even be mounted to walls so you can easily hygienically dry your hands after doing any task in the kitchen or after doing task inside your bathroom.

The Touch-less Hand Dryer

The Touch-less Hand Dryer

This automatic and touch less hand dryer can dry hands in just a matter of seconds, thanks to its powerful built-in fan partnered with effective heating elements, dying hands will not be a problem without towels.

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The Touch-less Hand Dryer 1

The Touch-less Hand Dryer are activated via auto sensor function while its included fan and heater can be used individually or simultaneously and best of all, it only measures 15x10x81/4 inches in length, width and diameter. Weighs only 4.5lbs.

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