The Tension Reducing Massage Ball – uses vibration therapy to loosen tight muscles or speed up recovery after a workout

Are you planning to have a perfect workout this weekend yet worried about muscles aches after? Not anymore with the Tension Reducing Massage Ball.

This uniquely designed massage ball is perfect when it comes to reducing tension simply because it uses a unique vibration therapy designed to help your muscle recover quickly after those hard workouts at home or at your favorite exercise gym.

Tension Reducing Massage Ball

The Tension Reducing Massage Ball

This small yet versatile softball can be used almost anywhere in every part of your body like in your arms, back, neck or in your quads, it is even designed to resist water because it uses silicone exterior.

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Tension Reducing Massage Ball 2

The Versatile Massage Ball already includes 3 different levels of vibration massage settings and is capable of providing 3hrs of massage power when fully charged using its included AC adapter and best of all, it only measures 3.5inches sphere.

You can buy this massage ball for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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