The Stretch Improving Rollers – A handheld rollers that provide an increased range of motion when stretching

The Stretch Improving Rollers [SOURCE] are not just perfect in increasing the range of motion when you are stretching but at the same time allows the owner to perform rolling movements fluidly in order to help enhance the user’s strength, balance and flexibility.

These rollers uses a uniquely designed ball bearing technology and can easily be secured right at the user’s hands using hook and loop fasteners perfect in providing the user’s palms with a nice rolling surface so you can glide gently across the floor.

The Stretch Improving Rollers

The Stretch Improving Rollers

The rollers are constructed using sturdy ABS and are capable of supporting users up to 300lbs. plus it even includes a DVD to provide the owners with different techniques and poses that really targets specific muscle groups.

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The Stretch Improving Rollers are very light and can easily be transported and stored anywhere you want because it is not just compact but at the same time only weighs 4lbs. and best of all, it can also be worn on the feet just in case you want to have a full body stretching exercises.

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