The Stress Minimizing Inversion Chair – strengthens back uniquely

The Stress Minimizing Inversion Chair

You want to strengthen your back? Sure, use the Stress Minimizing Inversion Chair, designed to provide a perfect inversion therapy in order to relieve pressure on nerves plus it even used to realign ligaments so you’ll have a strong and stress free back every time.

The Stress Minimizing Inversion Chair enables the user to execute different back strengthening workout like v-ups, crunches and oblique crunches easily, thanks to its uniquely designed workout system, avoiding stress on joints, hips and even knees will not be a problem as compared to other inversion chair models.

This inversion chair is built using a sturdy powder coated steel frame, its padded handle bars, unique support system for knee and ankle and the chair’s backrest will simply make workout a stress free and comfortable session.

This chair is capable of providing a maximum inversion angle of up to 70 degrees and can perfectly support up to 300lbs. of body weight. Start exercising now and take back that body strength you’ve always longing for every time.

-$399.95 at hammacher

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