The Spa Towel Warmer – creates a toasty warm towel ready in just a matter of minutes

You want to get that warm feeling after taking a shower? Use the Spa Towel Warmer, a uniquely designed device capable of creating a toasty warm towel ready in just a matter of minutes so you can use it after getting out of the shower perfect if you have a cold bathroom and want to feel toasty warm every time.

This towel warmer is capable of heating 2 bath towels enough to provide a comfortable toasty feeling experience after taking a bath.

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Spa Towel Warmer

Spa Towel Warmer

Thanks to the warmer’s integrated timer equipped with different levels on temperature so owners can easily choose whatever warmth they want to have on their towel after stepping out from the shower most specially on chilly days.

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Spa Towel Warmer 1

The towel warmer is designed to evenly heat up bath towels and even your favorite bath robes, blankets or even your favorite clothing and best of all, it has an auto shut-off functionality designed to prevent overheating. Weighs only 8.5lbs and only measures 21x12x12 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the towel warmer for only $139.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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