The Sonic Hair Revitalizer – A cordless revitalizing comb that uses sonic vibrations and frizz-fighting ions to cleanse and detangle, leaving hair smooth and shiny

The Sonic Hair Revitalizer [SOURCE] is a wireless hair revitalizing comb design to de-tangle and cleanse hair using unique vibration and frizz fighting ions giving your hair smooth and shiny every time.

The Sonic Hair Revitalizer

The Sonic Hair Revitalizer

This cordless revitalizing comb already includes 3 detachable comb heads designed to patiently detached stubborn knots and scrubbing away oils and other unwanted residue that shampooing alone cannot remove.

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The Sonic Hair Revitalizer 1

The Sonic Hair Revitalizer can be used on wet hair to help absorb styling treatment quickly while when used on dry hair, it will take away dulling substance to enhance hair fullness.

This hair revitalizer even includes a teflon rollers that is filled with negatively charged ions design to help smoothen the hair perfect for that lustrous and silky hair finish.

The Sonic Hair Revitalizer already includes comb attachments, soft tipped comb heads for that gentler more manageable touch every time while its rechargeable battery can provide of up to 45 minutes of hair revitalizing treatment use with just a matter of 8 hours of battery charging using its included AC adapter.

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