The Smoking Cessation Program – A 10-day quit smoking program design to address physical and psychological challenges of quitting smoking

The Smoking Cessation Program [SOURCE] is design to address the psychological and physical challenges of quitting smoking of course without using any nicotine because this 10 day quit smoking program uses unique homeopathic principals partnered with aversion and audio therapy.

The Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program

Unlike other quit smoking aids out there including gums or even patches that user’s may still be addicted to nicotine, this smoke cessation program is unique simply because it already includes every thing a smoker need including foldable headset capable of providing therapeutic music and LED lights designed to transmit light energy straight into the ear helping smokers lessen stress and anxiety connected with nicotine removal.

The Smoking Cessation Program 1

This quit smoking program already includes 1oz of homeopathic spray design to help lessen cigarette cravings because it uses all natural and non addictive ingredients while its included music CD will provide up to 46 minutes of audio therapy design to help calm minds helping smokers to overcome smoke addiction.

The aversion therapy on the other hand will allow the owner to get rid of its desire to smoke because it will only provide physical discomfort.

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