The Sleep Sound Generating Pillow – A wireless plush pillow with built-in music player to help lull you to sleep

Having problem sleeping at night for some inevitable reason? Not anymore because the Sleep Sound Generating Pillow [SOURCE] will help calm you and put you to sleep simply by playing some relaxing sounds of course minus those bulky elements.

The Sleep Sound Generating Pillow

The Sleep Sound Generating Pillow

The Sleep Sound Generating Pillow is a wireless smart pillow that simply keeps the relaxing sound you need close to your ear and unlike ordinary speakers with stand where you disrupt others when you play your favorite nature sounds, this plush pillow simply plays white noise and nature sounds to drown you out of ambient clashing without disrupting others.

This wireless sound generating pillow already built with soothing sounds including ocean surf, songbirds, thunderstorms and more while its included auto-shutoff functionality will simply provide comfort playing and stopping of tracks without touching any buttons.

This sound generating pillow features a nice side panel where most of the settings can be controlled easily plus it even allows user to attach their favorite music player to play their favorite sleeping music.

The pillow uses 100 percent polyester filling while the soft cotton shell can be easily cleaned just perfect for sleepers you constantly looking for comfortable pillow that plays relaxing sounds to help them lull to sleep.

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