The Sleep Enhancing Headband – Uses series of self-adjusting rhythmic binaural beats to help optimize the quality of your sleep

The Sleep Enhancing Headband [SOURCE] is not just perfect in optimizing the quality of your sleep but at the same time unique because it uses series of rhythmic beats that self-adjust so you’ll get the best quality of your slumber every time.

This headband works simply by gently calming the wearer’s brain level of activity which is perfect in helping the user maintain a peaceful sleep plus it even comes with a monitoring device for the owner’s brain wave activity capable of adjusting its rhythmic beats automatically in order to provide the wearer maintain its deep sleep status.

The Sleep Enhancing Headband

The Sleep Enhancing Headband

This unique headband even comes with a free application for Android and iOS devices so owners can easily connect their favorite gadgets to the headband perfect for monitoring sleep and getting feedback including time and amount of sleep, level of sleep, rem session and more.

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The Sleep Enhancing Headband is very comfortable to use because it uses speakers and technology that are unobtrusively tucked inside the lightweight and breathable head band keeping the user comfortable all throughout the night.

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