The Self Rolling Wide Yoga Mat – setup easily without any rolled up corners

The Self Rolling Wide Yoga Mat —[SOURCE]— is perfect for anyone who are looking for a perfect mat for their Yoga exercises simply because this yoga mat is very easy to roll and unroll for that quick yoga session everytime.

This mat has built-in steel bands capable of enabling owners to setup it and of course lock it into a nice flat position of course without worrying about any rolled up corners just like found on other models.

The Self Rolling Wide Yoga Mat

Self Rolling Wide Yoga Mat

Done with your yoga session? No problem, just flip the mat over, lock and watch it roll automatically for itself up so you can easily transport it without worrying about straps and even case.

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The Self Rolling Wide Yoga Mat 1

This Wide Yoga Mat has a non-slip vinyl surface just perfect for doing your favorite yoga routine and best of all, it can be clean easily so you can bring it anywhere you go and have some yoga session anytime anywhere. Measures only 72×30 inches in length and width and only weighs 4lbs.

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