The Rowbike – Better than ordinary rowers out there

You want a full body exercise device that can help you improve all your body’s muscles and help condition your cardio? Try the Rowbike [SOURCE], a specially designed 2-wheeler bicycle that allows the user to drive around simply by rowing it with its handlebar.

Unlike ordinary rowers, this bike is capable of providing twice the exercise in just a matter of minutes plus it allows the rowers to enjoy different scenes and outdoor environments to make the workout more challenging and refreshing.

The Rowbike

The Rowbike

The Rowbike features 7 different speed system that can easily be controlled using the rowers thumb and a uniquely designed front and rear hand brakes for that easy stopping.

This bike is made of aluminum frame with 20 inches allow wheels, it also comes with fixed footrests, padded seat that perfectly glides along the frame as you drive.

-$1,400 at hammacher

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