The Rechargeable Massage Hot Stones – Soothes aching muscles using hot stone therapy

You want to soothe your aching muscle or relax the part that produces discomfort? Now you can with this Rechargeable Massage Hot Stones [SOURCE], a fire-kilned-clay made massage stone that comes with integrated heating components to give you that hot stone therapy you’ve always looking for without going to an expensive treatment spas.

The Rechargeable Massage Hot Stones

The Rechargeable Massage Hot Stones

Not like ordinary heating stones that cools quickly even after long hours of heating, this Rechargeable Massage Hot Stones can be easily warm up and at the same time capable of giving you of up to 2 straight hours of hot stone massage, you can even use it on your skin with lotions and creams or apply a hot stone massage even over clothing.

This therapy massage stone only weighs 2 1/2 lbs. and comes with a lithium ion battery with AC adapter.

-$149.95 at hammacher

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  1. What is the proper method of sanitizing these stones and what solution is safe to use on them. Also can they be used with all types of essential oils?

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