The Protective Personal Pod – helps you avoid exposure to germs in settings where you may be unable to maintain a social distance

The Protective Personal Pod is unique when it comes to helping you avoid viruses especially in places where you can’t maintain proper social distancing every time.

Thanks to this uniquely designed pop-up pod, using it during your air travel, riding on a train and even working or attending events without you getting exposure to germs is now possible any time anywhere.

Protective Personal Pod

This portable protective pod is very easy to open and setup just perfect for creating a 360 degrees of protection most especially on your head and down to your torso of course without worrying about blocking your front and side will not be a problem.

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Protective Personal Pod1

The Protective Personal Pod is a great addition if you are still worried about just wearing a face mask and face shields and best of all, it is made with sturdy yet very light polyester and PVC so owners can easily bring it anywhere they go. Measures only 40x18x18 inches in height, width and diameter and only weighs 23/4lbs.

You can buy the pop-up portable protective pod for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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