The Proper Neck Support Pillow – With support bolster to correctly position the neck and spine while asleep

The Proper Neck Support Pillow —[SOURCE]— is perfect if you want to sleep with correct neck and spine position, thanks to the pillow’s unique support bolster, now you can sleep properly without worrying about spine and neck aches every time you wake up.

This support pillow uses 2 chambered support that uniquely responds to the sleepers head pressure, just perfect if you want to wrap snugly the pillow around the neck in order to encourage proper spine curve.


Neck Support Pillow

This pillow is perfect in getting rid of pain and stiffness specially during the night and of course upon waking in the morning, perfect for people who sleep on their back, thanks to the pillow’s comfortable cotton shell partnered with natural microfiber fill, now you can sleep tight any time.

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This Pillow even allows the owner to easily remove the fill because it comes with a zippered bottom compartment, perfect in customizing the perfect fit you’ve been looking for in a comfortable and pain relieving pillow.

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