The Powered Incline Mattress Topper – gently raises the upper body to the desired incline at the touch of a button

Need help on lifting yourself in the morning after that perfect night sleep? Use the Powered Incline Mattress Topper, a uniquely designed mattress topper equipped with powerful motor designed to help gently raise the owner’s upper body simply by touching a button.

This motorized mattress topper also works perfectly with helping sleeper get rid of unwanted sleeping positions which can cause problem specially snoring and even acid reflux simply because it allows the owner to easily setup the mattress topper the best and most comfortable position every time they sleep.

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Powered Incline Mattress Topper

Powered Incline Mattress Topper

You want to use it to get the correct sitting angle in order to help you support your reading position? How about working on your laptop or even watching your favorite tv or movie show where you need to achieve the perfect angle for proper back support?

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Powered Incline Mattress Topper 1

Thanks to Powered Incline Mattress Topper’s unique layer of memory foam, molding the owner’s body shape in order to lessen tossing and turning will not be a problem and best of all, it also helps draw away heat just to provide you with the perfect airflow and assist you in getting a good night and day rest. Weighs only 28.5lbs and only measures 673/4×313/4×21/4 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the motorized mattress topper for only $499.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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