The Only Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleanser – A facial cleaner better than washing your face with your hand

The Only Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleaner [SOURCE] is not just perfect for removing dirt and oil from the owners face but also a perfect device for removing makeup, loosening foundation and opening pores of course better than washing your face with your hand.

The Only Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleanser

The Only Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleanser

This deep facial cleaner uses unique soap compartment designed to handle your favorite cleansing products turning them into a lush micro foam perfect for penetrating deep into the owner’s pores and of course cleans them 20x better than using your hands in washing your face.

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The Only Micro Foaming Deep Facial Cleanser 1

How does the facial cleaner work?

Simply combine your favorite soap with water and let the device powerful and effective motor whip up a facial cleansing solution that fingertips can’t provide. Thanks to the micro foaming deep facial cleanser’s included soft brush head that rotates and vibrates effectively in order to apply the micro foam helping the soap penetrate deeply into the skin and removing more oil and dirt and of course exfoliate more thoroughly.

With this facial brush, you can even use the included silicone brush head to target problematic areas and best of all, the included warming plate has 2 heat settings and the facial cleaner already includes a countertop stand for easy storage.

Watch the facial brush in action [HERE].

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