The One Machine Gym – A home cardio gym that provides a head-to-toe cardio and weight-bearing workout

The One Machine Gym [SOURCE] is a 3-in-1 home cardio gym machine you will ever need if you want to workout from head-to-toe of course without worrying about extra space for holding and keeping the equipment after the workout.

Combining the best concepts of stair stepper, elliptical trainer and stationary bike, this compact yet sturdy home workout gym is designed to provide workout warriors the best exercise possible at home any time.

The One Machine Gym

The One Machine Gym

The included 2-pound and 3-pound dumbbells stored right at the gym’s frame are designed to strengthen the owner’s upper body while its cushioned seat that can be easily adjusted allows workout fanatics to enjoy maximum comfort while doing their favorite weight-bearing workout.

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The One Machine Gym 1

The One Machine Gym even features an LCD monitor where users can easily see different data including the calories burned, heart rate and a lot more. Weighs 103lbs and only measures 60x26x74 inches in height, width and length.

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