The Odor Eliminating Mattress Pad – No More Annoying and Unpleasant Odor in your Bed or Room

You want to eliminate unpleasant odor in your bed and room? No problem, here’s a perfect mattress pad that capable of creating a satisfying environment by absorbing odors from pets, cigarettes and even human molecules simply by converting them into a more pleasant and odorless gas. Cool!

The Odor Eliminating Mattress Pad is also great for eliminating moldy odors and turning every sleeping environment into a healthier one using its unique antimicrobial properties.

The Odor Eliminating Mattress Pad

The Odor Eliminating Mattress Pad

The Mattress Pad comes with up to 400 thread count cottons and it has a perfectly soft and smooth pad enough to fill your body that cushioning it needs.

This odor eliminating mattress pad also comes with 2 pillow cases and fits nicely on an 18″ deep mattresses. Try it now and enjoy pleasant and comfortable sleeping minus that bad smell.

$119.95 at hammacher

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