The Neck Pain Relieving TENS Massager – help provide pain relief in the neck and shoulders

The Neck Pain Relieving TENS Massager (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer if you want to have a drug-free way of getting rid of your body pain at home.

This wearable wireless massager is unique because it uses TENS and EMS, a perfect combination to help the owner find pain relief especially in the neck and shoulders simply by stimulating and blocking pain signals to the brain.

Neck Pain Relieving TENS Massager

The Neck Pain Relieving TENS Massager

As compared with other TENS with EMS devices, this model already includes everything you need including the use of electrode pads where owners have the option to use almost anywhere, simply stick pad with the problematics parts and you’re good to go, it even comes with pulse massage function that can be operated together or individually for a more comfortable pain relief session every time.

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Neck Pain Relieving TENS Massager1

This Wearable and Wireless Massager already comes with an easy to use controller designed to help operate the device or even help customize different treatment sessions, simply plug the device into your AC outlet, insert some batteries for the remote and you’re good to go.

You can buy the wearable cordless massager for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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