The Natural Callus Therapy – now you can enjoy a smooth and callous-free feet again

You want a smooth and callous-free feet? Use the Natural Callus Therapy foot treatment —[SOURCE]—, your unique and natural way of removing dead skin so you’ll have a soft and smooth feet again.

This foot treatment uses 18 moisturizers and exfoliant natural mixtures designed to help get rid of dead skin cells and speed up circulation.

The Natural Callus Therapy

The Natural Callus Therapy

This foot therapy works simply by wearing the included booties for about an hour and then after that, rinse the feet to enjoy the good result.

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The Natural Callus Therapy 1

The Callus Removing Foot Treatment can be used for about 5 days to see good results, thicker calluses of course may take longer days and best of all, it already includes a pair of booties. Measures only 6x5x1 inches in height, width and diameter and has sizes for men and women. Weighs only 6oz.

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