The NASA Life Tracker – A fitness band that uses health monitoring technology used by NASA

The NASA Life Tracker [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed fitness band capable of tracking almost everything a health-conscious person would want to monitor including exposure to sunlight, ECG, sleep and more, thanks to NASA’s health monitoring technology built into the fitness tracker, now you can do what you want and monitor your day to day activity with confidence.

The NASA Life Tracker

The NASA Life Tracker

This life tracker is equipped with unique accelerometer capable of tracking the no. of steps and distance taken while its integrated ECG measures accurately the heart rate and even calculate the intensity of your workout and the calories you’ve already burned.

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The sensor built on this fitness band is designed to religiously tally the no of hours and quality of sleep plus it even inform and help the owner to improve vitality and rest by displaying helpful icons right on the tracker’s screen.

The NASA Life Tracker also act as a watch and alerts the owner for some incoming messages via Bluetooth and best of all, it allows the owner to track life even while taking a shower or doing some swimming exercises. Measures 6.5×33/4×23/4 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 5/14oz.

Watch the life tracker in action [HERE].