The Missed Spot Monitoring Toothbrush – Now you can brush your teeth completely and correctly

The Missed Spot Monitoring Toothbrush —[SOURCE]— is not just unique when it comes to utilizing its visible pressure sensor but at the same time the smart toothbrush because it has position detection function so owners can brush their teeth correctly.

This smart Bluetooth toothbrush already includes a free application to make sure owners can brush completely without any problem, just enough to get rid of those nasty plague because you neglect important spots.

The Missed Spot Monitoring Toothbrush

The Missed Spot Monitoring Toothbrush

This smart toothbrush alerts the owner using a lighted ring on its handle specially if it detects too much pressure applied and even detecting zones that needs cleaning, just real time feedback while you brush.

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The Missed Spot Monitoring Toothbrush has 6 cleaning modes including gum care, whitening and sensitive and best of all, using the free app, users can simply monitor their brushing progress because the app saves the data from your last 30 sessions. 3 brush heads and other important parts including its charging base already included.

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