The Memory Foam Heating Pad – helps improve circulation, loosen muscles, and relieve pain

The Memory Foam Heating Pad is your perfect answer if you want a heating pad for relieving the pain you are having on your feet, back, hips and even on your neck.

Thanks to the heating pad’s memory foam feature, helping you loosen those problematic muscles and even improving circulation is now possible at home.

Memory Foam Heating Pad

The Memory Foam Heating Pad

This comfortable, soft and yet very supportive layer made with memory foam is designed to contour effectively to the owner’s body shape, perfect for relieving any problematic pressure points, it even comes with 3 different heating features so owners can easily choose between the best settings in order to get that relaxing and pain relieving session every time.

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Memory Foam Heating Pad1

This Heating Pad already includes an easy to use remote control for accessing different heat settings ranging from 100 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and best of all, it already includes an automatic shutoff as an extra security function. Weighs only 1lb and only measures 20.5×11.5 inches in width and length respectively.

You can buy the heating pad for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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