The Massaging Heated Wrap – Soothes sore muscles and joints with invigorating massage

The Massaging Heated Wrap —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed massaging wrap capable of massaging and soothing sore joints and muscles of course using an effective and energizing massage at home.

This heated wrap is capable of spreading across the wearer’s back starting from the user’s lumbar region and straight to its shoulder blades. The included vibration motors on the other hand are perfect for relaxing tired muscles and has 3 different intensity levels you can choose from.

The Massaging Heated Wrap

The Massaging Heated Wrap

The included heating elements integrated into the wrap’s soft and deep penetrating is imperceptible yet effective and powerful perfect for stimulating blood circulation to loosen muscles.

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The Massaging Heated Wrap 1

The Massaging Heated Wrap has heat and vibration settings that can easily be operated independently and best of all, it has hand grips on wrap’s both side to allow the owner to easily cuddle up for indulgent timeouts. The wrap measures 55×23.5×1 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 31/4lbs.

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