The Massaging Heated Cuddle – a massaging heated wrap that soothes sore muscles and joints with invigorating massage

The Massaging Heated Cuddle [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary heated wraps out there because this wrap is design to soothe away tired and aching muscles and joints of course using an invigorating massage, thanks to its built-in vibration motors positioned strategically from the owner’s lumbar region and straight to the wearer’s shoulder blades providing different intensity levels perfect for getting rid of tired muscles.

The Massaging Heated Cuddle

The Massaging Heated Cuddle

This massaging heated wrap’s undetectable heating elements already integrated into its soft yet effective and deep penetrating far infrared heat design to stimulate good blood circulation just perfect for loosening and relaxing tired and joints and muscles.

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This heated wrap already comes with easy to use vibration and heat settings that can be operated independently while its integrated hand grips positioned on either side of the wrap so owners can easily cuddle up the wrap for sporting time out.

The Massaging Heated Cuddle reaches desired temperature quickly between 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, simply plug the heated massaging wrap, set your desired settings and you’re on your way to relaxing your tired and aching muscles again.

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