The Lady’s Royal Warrant Hairbrush Set – designed for all hair types

Looking for a hairbrush capable of curling and even adding volume to your hair? Try the Lady’s Royal Warrant Hairbrush Set.

This uniquely designed hairbrush set (Available Here) is perfect for all types of hair and because it is handmade, combing your hair whether you have short or long hair will not be a problem.

Royal Warrant Hairbrush Set

The Lady’s Royal Warrant Hairbrush Set

This set of hairbrushes already comes with a round brush designed to add volume up to long hair, it can also be used for curling, it also comes with an air cushioned hair brush for smoothing locks.

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Royal Warrant Hairbrush Set1

The Lady’s Royal Warrant Hairbrush Set also includes a paddle brush designed for dry and wet hair while the back combing brush is perfect for sectioning and picking up hair and best of all, the brushes are high quality because they’re made from beechwood partnered with nylon and bristles quills.

You can buy this hairbrush set for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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