The Lady’s Indoor Outdoor Neuropathy Slippers – designed to provide relief to those with diabetic neuropathy

Looking for slippers that will help you provide relief from your diabetic neuropathy problem? Try the Lady’s Indoor Outdoor Neuropathy Slippers.

These slippers are unique because they’re equipped with closed heel in order to provide a wider and deeper toe box so you don’t have to worry about blisters or chafing because they’re designed not to constrict the feet every time.

Indoor Outdoor Neuropathy Slippers

These Neuropathy Slippers already come with gel inserts, it even allows the owner to wear the shoes with prescription orthotics and because it has an upper that are made from sturdy microfiber partnered with dual gores, getting on and off the slippers will not be a problem any time.

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Indoor Outdoor Neuropathy Slippers 2

The Lady’s Indoor Outdoor Neuropathy Slippers even ensures the owner to enjoy a snug fit so you don’t worry about abrasions and best of all, it has rubber outsoles that are thick and rugged with non-skid tread so you’ll feel walking confidently indoors or outdoors every time. Weighs only 1 1/4lbs.

You can buy these lady’s indoor and outdoor slippers for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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