The Instant Curling Iron – A handheld curler that automatically winds, heats, and releases hair to create frizz-free curls

The Instant Curling Iron [SOURCE] is perfect when it comes to creating a frizz-free curls but at the same time unique because it automatically do it for you including the winding, heating and releasing of hair to create a voluminous curls as compared to other curling irons out there.

This handheld curler is very light and clamps down to the user’s hair creating a clean and dry simply by winding it around its tourmaline ceramic barrel where it is heated in all angles for about 12 seconds giving you smooth and bouncy curl every time.

The Instant Curling Iron

The Instant Curling Iron

This curling iron already includes 3 heat and 4 timed heat settings plus it even comes with a 2 interchangeable curl chambers so owners can easily choose to produce loose curls, relaxed waves or even a tight ringlets.

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The Instant Curling Iron beeps when curl is completed and even comes with a safety mechanism designed to automatically release hair if it detects a tangle and best of all, it already includes a temperature-lowering sleep mode and auto-shut off function for added peace of mind when using.

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