The Instant Bathtub Spa – a uniquely designed mat that instantly transforms a bathtub into a soothing thermal spa

The Instant Bathtub Spa (available here) is your perfect answer especially if you want to turn your old bathtub into a relaxing thermal spa.

Thanks to this uniquely designed mat, now you can easily transform an old bathtub into a thermal spa easily without any problem.

Instant Bathtub Spa

This mat is very easy to secure on a tub because it uses suction cups to make it secure and always comfortable to use, it even uses air bubble massaging just to provide that therapeutic and relaxing experience you’ve been looking for on a bathtub spa.

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Instant Bathtub Spa1

The Instant Bathtub Spa already comes with 3 different intensity levels partnered with a heating feature to make it more effective in providing a soothing spa every time and best of all, it already includes a remote so owners can easily set their preferred spa settings and enjoy.

You can buy the mat to instantly transform your bathtub into a spa for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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