The Infrared Foot Sauna – Helps flush away toxins, dead skins and alleviate pain in your feet

You want to flush away toxins, get rid of dead skins or even alleviate the pain you are having with your feet? Use the Infrared Foot Sauna, a uniquely designed foot sauna designed to help soften skin, release tension and relaxed and rejuvenate tired feet right at the comfort of your own home.

The Infrared Foot Sauna

The Infrared Foot Sauna

The Infrared Foot Sauna uses infrared heat partnered with warm tourmaline stones to specifically penetrated deep into the problematic tissue, opening pores and boosting circulation. Simply rub your feet along its base with natural stone on it and you’re on your way to enjoying targeted massage any time.

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The Infrared Foot Sauna 1

This foot sauna is perfect for kneading out knots and soreness, it even allows the owner to add some drops of essential oils to enhance foot massage sessions with some benefits of aromatherapy and lastly, the foot sauna’s unique construction is made using a sturdy wood that will not crack or even shrink even to its highest temperature.

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