The Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers – keep feet toasty inside the home or outside around the fire pit on frosty evenings

The Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers (available here) are equipped with different heat settings designed to help you keep your feet warm be it indoor or outdoor especially on frosty evenings.

Thanks to these uniquely designed slippers, now you can enjoy a soothing relief simply by sliding your feet right at the slipper’s comfortable fleece interior, it even comes with an easy to use button at each included battery pack so owners can easily adjust the heat settings to low or high just to bathe the feet included the toes with some relaxing and luxurious warmth.

Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers

The Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers

These soothing insulated slippers even feature a timer that automatically turns off the heating function after 60min while its included anti-slip soles will make sure you always have a perfect grip inside or outside of course without worrying about wet surfaces.

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Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers1

The Indoor Outdoor Heated Slippers has polyester exterior that are 100 percent waterproof capable of protecting and keeping the wearer’s feet always dry without any problem and best of all, it already includes a battery charger.

You can buy these slippers with heat function designed to keep feet toasty for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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