The Immersive Content Sleep Headband – with built-in speaker that play sleep-inducing stories

Can’t sleep at night? You want to sleep longer? No problem because The Immersive Content Sleep Headband will help you fall asleep, longer and better every time.

Thanks to the headband’s integrated sleep inducing stories partnered with uniquely designed sleep sound, sleeping comfortably without worrying about wearing an awkward headband in bed will not be a problem.

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Immersive Content Sleep Headband

Immersive Content Sleep Headband

This headband already comes with an integrated speaker capable of playing all the provided relaxing stories right into the free application, and because the app also provides up to 30 sleep sounds, hearing them all in clear and relaxing manner will not be a problem.

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Immersive Content Sleep Headband 1

This sleep headband is designed to work on most headphone jack built on most cellphones, simply plug the headband into your smartphone’s jack, open the free app and start listening to over 30 relaxing stories or 30 sleep sounds to help you fall asleep faster and longer.

You can buy the headband for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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