The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse – A spa tub that easily pampers feet using a relaxing reflexology massage

Sore feet and calves? Not anymore with the Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse [SOURCE], a spa tub that allows you to easily pamper aching feet and calves using a comforting and soothing reflexology massage at home anytime.

The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse

The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse

The Hydrotherapy Roller Masseuse uses 2 powerful yet affectionate water jets designed to ease your feet while its 4 uniquely designed rollers will apply gentle yet effective pressure straight to the soles and heels giving each foot soft skin and loosens stiff muscles and of course melting away the pain you are having.

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This hydrotherapy roller masseuse has a motorized rollers to allow the owner to completely relax while doing spa foot massage while its 5 and ¼ gallon tub is also perfect for treating aching legs, ankles and more.

Other important feature includes an LCD control panel where owners can easily select from a preferred heat level while the built-in drain valve will help owners to easily empty the bucket after each foot massage session.

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