The Head And Neck Massager – The Excellent Electronic Massager For Head And Neck

the-head-and-neck-massagerThe Head and Neck Massager is an exceptional electronic massager that uniquely calms the head and necks pressure points to alleviate tension and stress without taking any medication. With Head and Neck Massager, simply slip the electronic massager into your head and allow its air bags to spread out and bond to stimulate blood flow. The Head and Neck Massager comes with hundreds of tiny and supple nods that beat nicely creating the feeling of finger-massage. The Head and Neck Massager has 4 massage speeds that can be adjusted easily using remote control and a built-in speaker that plays 7 different relaxing sounds. Simply plug it directly to your AC outlet or use 2-AA battery to start massaging.

[$179.95 at hammacher]

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