The Handsfree Automatic Disinfectant Mister – helps prevent cross contamination by dispensing sanitizer when you hold your hand over it

The Handsfree Automatic Disinfectant Mister (currently taking orders here) is unique when it comes to sanitizing and also preventing any cross contamination simply because this cordless mister is capable of dispensing sanitizer especially when you position your hand over it.

Thanks to the mister’s IR motion sensor located right at the top of the mister, triggering and pumping out and releasing a mist of sanitizer without you lifting any finger will not be a problem, it even covers both hands effectively.

Handsfree Automatic Disinfectant Mister

The Handsfree Automatic Disinfectant Mister

This cordless and portable disinfectant mister is small enough that you can position it anywhere you want yet perfect enough when it comes to helping you prevent cross contamination and even sanitizing almost anything you are holding including your phone, car keys and a lot more.

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Handsfree Automatic Disinfectant Mister1

The Handsfree Automatic Disinfectant Mister already includes a 2.7oz of glass reservoir where owners can easily use their preferred liquid sanitizer and best of all, it can be charged using its included USB cable. Provides up to 20hrs of power and only weighs 7.5oz.

You can buy the cordless, rechargeable and automatic mister for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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