The Foldaway Barre Studio – A home barre studio design to improve flexibility, balance, and develop long, lean muscles

You want to improve your balance and flexibility? How about that long and lean muscles? Now you can with the Foldaway Barre Studio [SOURCE], a home barre studio uniquely design to repeat and copy the exercises and stretches of course from their favorite ballerinas right at the comfort of your own home.

The Foldaway Barre Studio

The Foldaway Barre Studio

The foldaway Barre Studio is made from steel and aluminum alloy frame partnered with vinyl mat that has high density foam padding design to cushion the owner’s back while doing some floor workout.

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The Foldaway Barre Studio 1

This home barre studio even comes with a solid wood barre that is very easy to adjust allowing the owners to do some stretching and solid exercises in order to improve muscles, balance and of course flexibility.

The Foldaway Barre Studio 2

The Foldaway Barre Studio doesn’t require any assembly and best of all, it folds easily and even comes with a casters so owners can slide it under their bed.

Watch Barre Studio in action [HERE].

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