The Flawless Brow Shaper – safely removes hair for perfecting and shaping one’s eyebrows

Planning of shaping your eyebrows at home? No problem, use The Flawless Brow Shaper —[VIDEO]—, a uniquely designed brow shaping device capable of removing hair safely so you’ll have a perfectly shaped eyebrows every time without going to eyebrow shaping stores.

This brow shaping device is effective than tweezing or even waxing because it gets rid of hair without any worries about pain and redness or even those ugly bumps and irritations, giving you only flawless and smooth finish every time.

The Flawless Brow Shaper

The Flawless Brow Shaper

This eyebrow shaper is equipped with 18k gold-plated head with hypoallergenic feature so you can use it safely even on any type of skin, it even comes with an integrated LED designed to help reveal even the tiniest and finest hair.

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The Flawless Brow Shaper 1

The Flawless Brow Shaper already comes with a portable case that can be fit on most purse or pocket just perfect so you can bring it anywhere you go and have a quick touch-ups while traveling and best of all, it only measures 53/4×3/4 inches in length and diameter and only weighs 1oz.

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