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The Disc Pain Relieving Lumbar Support – no more bulging or herniated disc problem

Bulging or herniated disc problem? Use the Disc Pain Relieving Lumbar Support, an inflatable pain relieving lumbar support device that eases away the pain caused either by bulging or herniated discs simply by gently and increasingly add disc space in order to improve and lessen pressure on your spinal discs in between the nerve roots.

The Disc Pain Relieving Lumbar Support already includes a nice hand pump that inflates the column support vertically designed to gently increase the intervertebral disc space. When the column is fully inflated, it then gently pushes the rib case up and the pelvis down in order to divert any pressure away from your lower lumbar so it can decompress naturally and of course encourage good posture every time.

The Disc Pain Relieving Lumbar Support

The Disc Pain Relieving Lumbar Support uses cotton lining so it is soft and light that you can wear it and do some pain relieving session even with your clothes on and doing some full range movements while its pressure gauge right on its included hand pump will enable the owner to precisely inflate the lumbar support for total comfort and because this lumbar support is machine washable and already comes with a laundry bag mesh, keeping the support in its cool and comfortable performance will not be a problem.

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