The Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun – combines deep tissue massage, therapeutic red light, heat, and cold to loosen stiff, sore muscles and speed recovery

The Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun is designed to help owners get rid of their sore muscles, loosen stiffness and even speed up recovery.

Thanks to the patented gun’s combination of deep tissue massage partnered with therapeutic light, heat and cold, treating almost any area of your aching body parts is now possible any time anywhere.

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Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun

This cordless gun is unique because it uses thermal massage designed to warm up and prepare the muscles before going to your favorite day to day exercises, you can even use its deep tissue massage in order to help prevent injury so you don’t have to worry about performing at your peak level every time.

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Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun 1

The Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun already comes with an interchangeable silicone ball, acupressure heads, cone and even heat attachment while its included gel attachment will definitely help the owner to easily treat injured body parts without any problem and best of all, it already comes with different level of intensity and automatic shutoff function for extra safety. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

You can buy the massage gun for only$229.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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