The Deep Tissue Rolling Massager – with deep penetrating massage to help increase muscle relaxation and fascial release

You want to increase your muscle’s relaxation? How about deep penetrating massage? Use the Deep Tissue Rolling Massager, —[SOURCE]— a uniquely designed foam roller equipped with vibration mode designed to help relax your tired muscles and even release fascial problem.

This foam roller uses high density foam massage nodes partnered with battery powered vibration enough to help relieve muscle aches and pains and also to get rid of tight muscles.

The Deep Tissue Rolling Massager

The Deep Tissue Rolling Massager

This roller is equipped with different speeds that can be adjusted easily to allow the owner to customize your massage experience specially if you want to target your thighs, back, hip and even your calves.

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The Deep Tissue Rolling Massager 1

The Deep Tissue Rolling Massager only measures 5.5x12x5.5 inches in length, width and diameter and needs 4 pieces of C-batteries.

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