The Custom Fit Back Massager – with unique sensor to accurately apply high or low massage everytime

The Custom Fit Back Massager

The Custom Fit Back Massager is the only back massager that comes with a unique sensor to scan accurately the curve of your back applying automatically high or low massage simply by detecting what your back massage needs.

This Custom Fit Back Massage can perfectly match the movements of your backs contour while you glide along and can effectively provide shiatsu or kneading motion style plus the owner can also manually operate the massager’s head to penetrate maximum relief to the problematic area.

This back massager features 3 massage modes and 2 intensity levels that can be controlled via its tethered remote while its LCD display allows the owner to change the massage settings and status clearly.

The Custom Fit Back Massager uses a detachable seat cushion so you can use it on any type of chairs including your favorite recliners.

-$199.95 at hammacher

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