The Cryotherapy Achilles Pain Reliever – Hels relieve pain and discomforts in the achilles tendon

You want to relieve the pain and discomfort of your Achilles tendon so you can continue doing your day to day activities without any problem? Use the Cryotherapy Achilles Pain Reliever [SOURCE], a cryotherapy treatment device capable of reducing inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

The Cryotherapy Achilles Pain Reliever

The Cryotherapy Achilles Pain Reliever

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The Cryotherapy Achilles Pain Reliever is made from a unique conductive material designed to retain cold when placed inside a freezer perfect for reducing tendonitis, bursitis and Achilles tendon strains and unlike other device that works uncomfortably, these Achilles pain reliever are uniquely shaped so that it can accommodate the shape of the left and right ankle.

This cryotherapy treatment device remains cold for up to 20min. and it can be worn under clothing. The included insulated bag keeps the unit cold during travel while its soft elastic liner prevents skin contact.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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